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only one ep out yet Description: Three years ago, Narumi Hikaru (Nakayama Yuma) and Suga Mizuho (Honda Tsubasa) were in love and would meet in secret for several months in the second year of high school. It started casually and ended casually. Hikaru and Mizuho were alike in their inabilities to grasp their distance from others or to be interested in another person; poor at the way they get involved with other people. The two of them should not have met again, but the news of the sudden death of a high school classmate Origuchi Haruka (Mizuno Erina) from cancer brings them together again. Mizuho undertakes the search for the unknown boyfriend from high school to fulfil the wishes of the Haruka?s mother, who believes that she is her daughter?s good friend. Hikaru and Mizuho are now university students, and changes have come upon their relationship. They look back at the past, meet many people again and as they pick up various pieces of love, they get close to the true face of the unseen person.
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@ugsi: Yeyy~ happy to hear that :) //we just have to wait till it gets subbed by aozorasubs ^^
@akosieunice loved your video,and I also loved your RMPW videos
Hello mind if you'd watch my FMV of Piece :)
@ugsi ywah thank you :) i will!
oh didnt know this manga has live action!! you should tag in japanese drama party as well! :) have to check this out!
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