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i was riding home and i seen something fell off my board i get off and my wheel falls off to make matters worse i had to walk all the way home far as heck
what? that's just a blown out beariing, board is fine. need new bearings and force out the bad ones shell
upon further inspection the bearings from my old board spins alot faster and longer so hopefully its an improvement
You can go to a local shop and see if they have a compatible spare bearing laying around. Also, if you have old rollerblades you don't need, they have 16 bearings per pair.
yeah its not completly broken its just out of commision until further notice im absolutely broke and i have no solid income i have a 2nd board ill take it apart in hopes to find some new rings and bearings
Hope you have spare bearings and spacers. Looks like the ring and shield broke.
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