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Are there any recommendations? If this helps I'm a 120lb female and I'm 5'7" tall. My shoe size is 9 1/2 o: is there any differences between a male and female snowboard?
You go by height and weight usually.
Hi @EmilySalzsieder! There are some snowboards geared toward women in style, but I think the only difference really is size (maybe an expert will chip in to confirm). I have had a Burton Charger 149 or 147 (I forget right now) for years, but I am shorter than you :) I think the biggest issues to consider are your height and stance. Also, what type of riding you prefer to do - since there are all-purpose boards that are versatile like mine but also ones geared for racing straight down, etc. They are shaped differently. My husband loves his Burton Custom.
Awesome! Thank you @sanityscout & @mpoblete! I'm thinking of going for an all purpose board since I'm starting out. Now I just have to do some searching around for a board! so excited(: