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I got this at Home Depot for $2. $2 well spent, for sure. I have bearings, hardware, washers, soft wire brush (to clean griptape), sand paper, bearing spacers, portable ruler (measure size of screws, etc.), and nail polish (I paint my hardware black). It's nice and compact, and you can use the dividers if you want. They come in different sizes to fit your needs, and are relatively inexpensive! ;)
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Yes, I was very surprised how cheap the hardware organizers were! Next time, I will look for something bigger when I have wheels to put away :)
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wow! looks like you have a box of tricks there! lol
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Thought for a sec you got everything in there for 2 bucks. You dont know how jealous of you I was for a bit lol
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Everything in the box is pretty cheap so I'm happy about that!
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that's a really cool idea
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