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that unexpected moment that makes you smile or even laugh b/c you're remembering someone or something silly that happened in life.....hmm, like me driving to work this morning and forgetting my wallet, yeah, i couldn't help but smile, smh and wanna kick myself :)
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i enjoy reading ur posts and it makes me all warm and fussy inside too, lolz....exactly, neaa we're making memories so glad to have met some cool chickadees on here....u ladies makes me smile (^_*)
same your posts...and glad to have met you!!
yes, hard...
or sometimes you remember an embarrassing moment that all you could do is visibly cringe and say to yourself that "i shouldn't have one that!!" and people would look at you and wonder if you are epileptic or something... and that would make you laugh!!
Yes. Happens at work, and then my co-workers are like, "what's so funny?" lol