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Nothing will get you into the holiday spirit like a pun-filled commercial featuring Father Christmas. On the toilet. Doing his business. Making the whole house stink. I'm not sorry for sharing this, though I am a little grossed out!! If you haven't heard of Poo-Pourri I highly suggest you check out all of their videos after watching this one. And yes, Poo-Pourri is a real product! I have a cousin that works in their factory (for real!) Their products are basically incredibly strong deordorizers that are meant to work as fast as you can make the bathroom stinky. The spritz can be sprayed in the bowl, but they also have other versions that are more like traditional deordorizers that just sit in the bathroom. I'm not going to say I recommend this as a holiday gift, but if you have a secret Santa exchange with someone known to leave a stench, I don't think it could harm anyone too much!
@onesmile Mashable lol, I just saw the add there and had to share! I remember them having funny commercials before, too
I can't decide if this is disgusting or hilarious. I'm going to go with something in the middle. Where did you even find this @timeturnerjones?