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Cooking Thanksgiving dinner is no joke. My mom has definitely tried her best to have Thanksgiving NOT at our house more times than I can count, and if I remember correctly, we ordered chicken from KFC one year instead. Why? Because cooking a turkey is hard work!! To ease our pain, Butterball (turkey sellers!) staffs dozens of so-called "Thanksgiving experts" for their annual Turkey Talk-Line. Having problems thawing your turkey, or figuring out the appropriate cook time? Call in, and find out!! And these are some of the strangest things they've ever heard. So don't fear: if you are having a turkey-tastrophe, call the hotline for help! Their number this year is 1-800-BUTTERBALL (1-800-288-8372). Good luck, everyone!
@MattK95 Me too lol that was how I felt about a lot of these, kind of like "oh god that's hilarious" but also "shit you ruined your turkey" hahahah
My favourite was probably the dish soap one I laughed so hard... And then felt a little bad for her