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I'm currently in search of a lip color to go with my potential holiday outfits. I know it's still too early to think about Christmas, but Thanksgiving is next week. Once the holiday past it will be December in no time. In the midst of researching, I found a resourceful guide through Julia's blog and I love how she took pictures of the different lip colors. Here are my thoughts for the colors. 1. Burberry Lipgloss in “Oxblood”: This would probably be my favorite for weekend outings. Not to dark and not too light. In addition, I imagine this would go well with my color block sweaters. 2. Giorgio Armani Lipstick in “400″: I like the bold red color of this lipstick. From experience, a color like this can instantly brighten up my face and the attention is focused on the lips. Hence, I don't have to spend too much time with makeup. A simple cat-eyeliner and a little black dress would complete the sophisticated look for a holiday event. 3. Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick in “Rubino”: If you can't already tell from my username I love stars and sparkles. This deep mauve lip color would be perfect for a sequin top. It's flattering and goes well with any skin tone. 4. bareMinerals Jack Of All Trades in “Lean on Me” + Estée Lauder Lipgloss in “Nude Rose": On workdays I don't spend much on time on makeup because my outfits are usually minimal. I love wearing earth tones and darks because it's profession and much easier to put together. This natural lip color shade is subtle enough without overpowering my whole outfit. With that said, this would be my favorite daily lip wear. Do you have any lip color suggestions? Feel free to share your favorite choice for the holiday.
I like all! page 3 is totally hot!!
@stargaze oh for me any kind of them all I love it
@elmavasquez1 I'm pretty much on the lazy side. I only put on lip gloss during the weekday.
I love this cosmetics.. for woman make more beauty....I love also putting make up where ever I go I feel so comfortable.
@AvocadoLove I think the weirdest makeup flavor I've had was pickled ginger!
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