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I love reading and re-reading every book written by J.R.R. Tolkien. The world of Middle Earth is one I truly love and enjoy, and the more I can get back there, the better. These works become even more enjoyable when I hear the author himself read his work. In this video, Sean Williams from "Voice on Record" offers much helpful context and reads the liner notes from the original LPs from which these recordings come. His pronunciation and the rhythm of him talking is so cool... I can really imagine him speaking one of the many languages he studied, not to mention the ones he created on his own! If you don't have 60 minutes to spare right now, I recommend at least spending 20 minutes listening to the beginning of this recording! The intro is great, and at 0:56 Tolkien reads from "Three is Company." Then, as you move towards 4:30 and onward, we hear about how Tolkien experimenting with a tape recorder helped restore his confidence in his work, and he had a great time doing it. You can hear those riddle and poem recordings, which are easily one of my favorite parts of Tolkien's works.