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I'm goin skating tomorrow (all day LDP trip hopefully). Gonna take a few friends, skate to the mall (fuck Zumiez) eat some pretzel maker, and if my friends choose to leave from the mall I'll just skate to my local shop and bs with the owner. Gotta get on his good side if I want a job there. Wish me luck guys! I don't wanna be wiping out in front of my friends. On an unrelated topic, they're bombing the shit out of the Arizona Strip right now. The town I live in is like 5 miles away and my house is shaking. Just felt the worst tremor I've felt in the past week (and last nights was CRAZY!!!) this is pretty nuts guys 3/10 pretty weird/scary would not recommend
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@mikhalemashak @Shulace we definitely should
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@EugeneAlcantar @mikhalemashak dude definitely man that'd be sick
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hell Ya!!
3 years ago·Reply
@steezus you should invite you crew and bring some tarps.w/ a sign no bombing just bomb hills
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