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I never thought that i'd do this again. Im so close but i cant work up the courage. These thought run deep in my head. The way that im thinking its making me nervous. But theres no one to blame but myself. I've kept this side of me hidden for so long. Its like a task that i can no longer excel. I try, I try, I try to be strong. But i dont know how long i can last only time will tell.
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I agree, @timeturnerjones - isolating that first sentence makes it much more powerful. I also kind of felt a natural pause in the middle of the fourth line - so something like this: "The way that I'm thinking - it's making me nervous." What do you think?
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thanks guys and @timeturnerjones what do you mean by that? and @WordDoctor to be honest I think of allot of things. the thoughts could be bad or they could be good depends on what my surroundings are.
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I just mean adding in some extra spaces and enters so that it's a bit more separated on the page, if you know what I mean! @Gilbert09
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@timeturnerjones yeah i k ow what you mean
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