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I don't even know where to start with my disbelief... so let's just start with the facts. Apparently a small town in Poland is banning beloved children's character Winnie the Pooh from their playground because he might be a ... wait for it ... hermaphrodite??!! And too naked? I quote the attached article... "During a local council meeting in the small town of Tuszyn, the beloved bear’s attire and lack of genitalia were hotly debated by several councilors, who insisted Winnie the Pooh was an inappropriate role model for young children because he was a hermaphrodite. A leaked tape of the council meeting showed one councilor, a woman, saying: “Anyone who knows Winnie the Pooh knows he has no sex [genitalia]”. The counsellor was adamant that her peers should also be educated about the origins of poor hermaphrodite Pooh and his creator, AA Milne. Councilor Ryszard Cichy compared Winnie the Pooh to a much-loved Polish bear, Misio Uszatek, who he said was a better choice as representative of the playground because he was fully dressed." I just ... I can't .. <sigh> Did anyone mention that the Winnie the Pooh in the delightful stories not only isn't a person, and not even a bear, but rather a stuffed animal? Do their teddy bears and stuffed animals usually have genitalia? That's what I would consider a little more on the obscene side, personally. Christopher Robin's parents seemed to think it wiser to go with the usual, non-penis teddy bear variety. Good for them! Bad for Tuszyn...
@TechAtHeart Not only that...I would say it's one of the top 5 most harmless and gentle. @onesmile Or the lack of it...agreed. Now that you say that I wonder if se kid asked about it.
The fact that parents are even thinking about whether or not their kids are noticing genitalia is kind of ridiculous. Can't believe this...
What in the world...there are worse tv shows for kids out there