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I have just worked for 6 days and I have missed my holiday. I have just had my leaves for a week. A week holiday can be celebrated in many ways. Especially, when you feel that you have passed a hard,tough, and frustating days. To some people they may have an out-of-town holiday or even they will go abroad. However, this time my holiday,for some reasons I had to spend it in my city where I live. Was it bad? Was it bored? Was it not cool? Hmm...frankly speaking, I loved it! Maybe you are questioning how did it look like. At first, I was afraid too that I would have boring days during my leaves. In fact, there were many things I can do for my low-cost holiday (and this is true if you are in the middle of tightening your belt...LOL). 1. If you're food enthusiast, you gotta do it. around your city and find some culinaries. I'm quite sure even we have been living in our place where we are living in now for years; there must be some places or restaurant we have never been before. In my city, it has a lot of culinary places from traditional to international. From the oldest to the newest. From the most expensive to the cheapest. You can find many tasteful food on the roadside with affordable price here. However, I chose an old Ice Cream parlour which I believe the best in town. It's been here for 84 years. It is Zangrandi,like its founder name Roberto Zangrandi an Italian man. I also tried some traditional food and drink in a culture restauran called Dewa Ndaru. A blend Javanese-Chinese Restaurant...and It was awesome. It gave me new cultural experience. You have to try this kind of thing. 2. Stay healthy and spoil yourself. You can eat anything you like when you are in your holiday,but don't forget to keep healthy. Do some excercise! Maybe you don't have time when you work, like superbusy,then do it when you are off. Swimming, running,or just do morning walk are good. I did swim and it was kind of refreshing my body and my mind. It was fun too. Never had massage,spa,or kind of things like that? It's time to do that! And believe me,it's marvelous! I had this treatment called "totok wajah" or face massage and it was wonderful. She knew hot to treat my face well. She knew which point of my face needed to be focused on. Having had that treatment I felt that my face got fresher, less tense. I think you will get more benefit if you do it frequently. 3. If you like something historical a museum will do that. I visited this submarine monument...but this is not a museum, the common one I think. So, this was a submarine made in Russia in 1952. It was a Whiskey class submarine and participated in several historical events in Indonesia. When I entered I was surprised and wondered. It was small, hot, not, narrow. Limited space to sleep. I really appreciate the navy who can passed their hard days within it. By visiting this historical places we can more appreciate what we have today! 4. Enhancing our quality time with our friends,family,or whomever you love. Live the life! You can share everything with them.Laughs, joys,tears something hard to do when you are super duper busy with your work. So, embrace the moment. 5. The last but not least (for me) enhancing your spiritual life also. Spending hours for weeks in job must be exhausted. Not only do your body needs rest but also your soul. Need to feed your weary soul. Built up my relation with God through my prayers and reading my bible was like strengthen my connection with God. I found my home. To add, I believe there many fun and impressive things when you have to have a "stay at home" holiday. You can do your hobbies, interests,anything. One more thing I want to do in my next holiday (not necessarily to be a holiday) is get involved in a program to help the street children. We can't forget to share what we have with them! So, don't worry when you can just spend your holidays in town. Live the life!!
Thank you @timeturnerjones. They are exist for a reason.
There are so many things we don't have the time to do at home that if we take a "stay at home holiday" we can finally do, like you said! I love that you want to get involved with helping some children, you're really a kind, kind person! @moya23
This is fantastic @moya23, all of these tips are so crucial to being happy, especially in the holidays, so I'm glad to have been able to enjoy this.
@moya23 Absolutely! It might be the busiest time of all, actually.
...yeah...thank you, Sir! There are a lot of things we can do when we think there is nothing to do, actually :D