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I am not who I was yesterday, Nor am I who I will be tomorrow. I am not I, but I am them. I am not one, but I am many. I am not constant, but I am changing. I am a part of the beautiful BECOMING. Then they ask, " what is this beautiful BECOMING, Of which you speak?" And I say, "it is life - It is life, Of which I speak." It is life, it is life, And God is life- Limitless in Power and ever expanding. It is my trials; it is my pain; it is my perseverance. It is my dreams; it is my goals- my triumphs and my Failures. It is I; It is us. It is everything. It is The Beautiful BECOMING.
I love the repetition, too! Especially the idea of "It is life, it is life!" it makes me kind of pulse in excitement of the possibilities of life!
Thank you, @onesmile.
Great post! @EdwardIreland The power of the phrase "It is" being so direct is really solidified in the last stanza.