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Did anyone see the 2014 remake of Godzilla? Did anyone like it? I'm so confused by it. Here are some questions: 1. How did they manage to make a movie about giant monsters boring? 2. Why was it so boring? 3. Why did it come down to one military officer who was an explosive ordnance disposal person? And then he didn't even wind up disarming any bombs? 4. Why didn't the officer's wife know anything about the big monsters until her son shows her the news on TV? I mean, she's a nurse. Doesn't word like that travel quickly? It's like a first-responder -- or ANYONE for that matter -- not knowing about 9/11 almost a full day after it happened. 5. How come it was so boring? 6. Godzilla wound up saving the day. So why bother building the character of the military officer and pump him up so we expected him to save the day. Instead he just fainted on a tugboat at the last minute. 7. Why did they decide to move a huge nuclear bomb to the detonation location via train when at the end they clearly were able to move it via much quicker helicopters? 8. Along those same lines, why was the last point of defense (if they couldn't disarm the bomb) to sail it away from the coast in a dinky tugboat when they had helicopters that wound up whisking it away in very boring deus ex machina fashion. 9. Why did the bad monsters always just stare at our military officer hero rather than crushing him to bits like they did ALL OTHER HUMAN BEINGS in the movie? Maybe they knew he was the star of the movie? 10. Why was Godzilla a good monster? Why didn't he just eat everyone? Oh. That's why it was boring. I'd love to hear what you all thought of it! Let's have a discussion!
I was actually *this close to reading your review and didn't because I didn't want to read in paragraph 1 that the puppy doesn't save the day, but dies. hehe.
Gravity was soooo good, @marshalledgar !
@SanityScount - that's great! You're gonna see it. We'll have tons to talk about. I'd love to know what you think! Don't worry, my write-up doesn't really spoil anything because you can see everything happen from a billion miles away. LOL! @marshalledgar - you're wise! We skipped it in the theater, but were bored one night trolling Amazon and saw this and figured, "What's the worst that could happen?" We had no idea we'd be checking out watches every five minutes begging for it to end! Gravity was fantastic. I bought it I loved it so much! @marshalledgar - I did a review on Interstellar. Don't read it if you're thinking about seeing it; lots of spoilers. And as bad as Interstellar was, it was still watchable.
Skipped this movie. I could tell it was going to be a fishflop a mile away. lolol sorry you wasted your time and money @mcdoogle. I'd rather see a movie about "Fruit Bat" lolololol didn't see Interstellar @sanityscout. I heard it got mixed reviews. should i see it? I'd actually like to see Gravity again. Love Sandra Bullock.
lol #6 and #9... that's so true! always ridiculous. I'll be back with more after I watch it =p Can't wait to discuss! I might watch Interstellar tonight...let's chat about that in another card, too!