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New to Vingle

What's up everyone I'm new to Vingle! Not sure how everything works on here but it looks pretty cool haha so yeaaa just thought I'd show you guys some of my gear i guess haha😄
Haha welcome to the community @JaydenWashabaug! Its always great to have new members!
Welcome to the family dude! :D I'll be your guide! lol jk, if you have any questions and just ask anyone here! You'll love it here! and don't be afraid to post stuff!
Welcome to the family! There's lots of helpful people on here.. All 5,000+ of us. And don't be shy, post to your hearts content! If you have any questions just ask we will be glad to help! Love your helmet!!
helmet looks pro
love that nickel board. can i see the bottom? welcome to the crazy family of ours.
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