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New to Vingle
What's up everyone I'm new to Vingle! Not sure how everything works on here but it looks pretty cool haha so yeaaa just thought I'd show you guys some of my gear i guess haha馃槃
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I just decided not to wear them that day haha @WyattKnaus
3 years agoReply
@JaydenWashabaug need to wear them one day you won't have then and get road rash. bad.
3 years agoReply
I'm aware of that, normally don't cause any time I take a fall and have them on they just move n I get it bad anyways, probably need some better ones haha @WyattKnaus
3 years agoReply
@jaydenwashabaug yeah full faces good ones are expensive man! Suppose it's one of them items that once you get it ya don't have to replace it anytime soon. Unless your bothered about scratches
3 years agoReply