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It's Friday, and what better way to jump-start the weekend than by indulging in dessert for breakfast. With just five simple ingredients and using my kitchen-aid mixer, I was able to whip up Hazelnut Cacao Mousse with Lemon Zest. Of course, besides just eating it straight from the bowl, it's always best to make it even more awesome by serving the dessert in your favorite vessel. I chose gorgeous stem double shot glasses. (And would yiu believe I found them at a thrift store for $4?!) Ingredients: (1) box if your favorite chocolate mousse. (Not jello! ) (1) instant coffee sleeve of your favorite flavor. I chose Hazelnut because it moves me. (1) pint of heavy whipping cream. (3) Tbsp room temperature water. (1) lemon, which yields 2 Tbsp of zest. Method: 1. Mix water and instant coffee. 2. Combine coffee, mousse powder, and heavy whipping cream. 3. Whisk on low...then medium...then high. 4. Add lemon zest before stopping the mixer. Notes: 1. Feel free to substitute the instant coffee with brewed coffee. Be sure it's cool. 2. Hate coffee? No problem, just omit it. 3. Be sure that your bowl and whisk are exceedingly chilled. I put mine in the freezer for about 20 minutes. 4. Don't go so crazy whipping it that it turns to butter. Gross. You want the dairy fat to expand with air. Over-whipping can cause the fat to separate altogether, which is butter. Have fun with this. Enjoy it. Be sure to take photos and share updates. Love to hear about it. Yields 8 -10
I just have to say that, of all the cards I've curated, this one in particular has received an enormous response from my fellow Vinglers. I wanted to say "Thank you" for the interest, clippings, and terrific feedback. I joined Vingle about 4 weeks ago and you all have been so kind and responsive. More dessert for breakfast ideas are in the works. Do you have a favorite bad-boy / bad-girl breakfast? Love to hear!! @danidee @mcdoogle @iluvdurian31 @alohajpark @sanityscout @hikayamm @sophiamor @sandeepk
@sanityscout I cannot remember the last time I had a waffle. French Toast is my go-to breakfast when I go to a diner. However, I always get Croque Madame when I hit M Street Kitchen in SaMo. Love that place. Totally dog-friendly. @danidee, I couldn't find your recipe card with puff pastry.
Hmm, favorite bad girl breakfast? Some kind of crazy decadent waffle with lots of delicious toppings, and a mimosa! This is kind of funny - but I also always feel fancy when I can get a boiled egg on a little pedestal haha.
I ate all 4
thanks @mcdoogle for the compliment. Don't look too close, you may actually discover a few cracks and mishaps. lolol. This recipe, DIY really is super easy. Are you a chocoholic? Give this a try. Love to hear how it turned out
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