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Living in Los Angeles never gets old. If anything, I've just begun to scratch the surface of all that LA has to offer - and I've been here since 2010! Look at what I discovered! Stunning cake pedestals in all shades of gorgeous and every manner of breathtaking design. I was meandering down Abbot Kinney, a pedestrian-friendly street with super chic shops, when I discovered Bountiful. If you're in LA, make a stop here in Venice. Bountiful is this eclectic store known for its incredible collection of cake pedestals. They're infamous, however, for stacking them atop one another without regard to gravity. By some miracle, they don't fall over. Using heirloom moulds of yesteryear, they sell authentic reproductions as well as new designs. Looking for milk glass? Beaded turquoise milk glass? 1950's pastels? Mirrorred? This place has them all! If you're feeling crafty, check out what some are selling on Etsy. Apparently, by fusing elegant candlesticks to the center bottom of vintage glass plates with epoxy, you can make your own cake pedestals. I haven't tried it myself, but if you have, then I'd love to get your feedback. Let's be truthful, are you totally obsessed with cake pedestals too? Confess! How many do you own? Tell me. ;)
@marshalledgar also white one
Hey there @elmacasquez1 I think my favorite is the white one. What's your favorite?
@marshalledgar - I've been there! Yes! That place is fabulous! When I see pedestals like that, I totally want to become a baker and buy them all and put things on them! Great find!
Lolol @sanityscout Well, you know what they say, "build it and they will come." I have a sneaking suspicion that once you splurge on just one, you will unlock something deep inside...a riotous celebration of all things sweet. You may actually be the next Devine Cupcake Maven! :)
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