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I went to Salem, on a sunny Sunday morning in November 2012. It was only a 15 minutes drive from my hotel but it felt like I was traveling back in time to the end if the 17th century. It is a great place to get a perspective about how much have changed - and have not changed, in the last three centuries and a bit more. If you are familiar with the story of what happened at this small Massachusetts town, in the year 1692, you can probably understand that it wasn't really about witchcraft and diabolic intervention, but rather about power and real estate ownership. We may ask ourselves if this is typical of such misfortunate events that seem to be driven by superstition and hatred. Well I believe that indeed, this is how they always go. Not that blind hatred doesn't exist, its just that by itself, it is not enough to bring about more than local, petit, quarrels. This is because for the most part, it is in everybody's interest to keep the status quo. People seldom get along without conflicts of interests and tension, so most of us are equipped with the social skills, enabling us to get along with one another nevertheless. Unless someone with enough power decides that it is in his or her interest to make a fuss. So when faced with seemingly unexplainable hatred, ask yourself "Cui bono? ", who gains from this situation? You will probably find that there is a much more reasonable explanation than, "They just hate our guts".
I agree with @goyo!
@goyo, that is a very interesting point, because indeed the key is to go beyond personal accusations and to try to understand and fix the dynamics
@orenshani7 i actually really love that latin phrase. Rather than actually emphasizing for the good of whom, the latin actually emphasizes "for the good of what?" This is a very important distinction, to me at least, because I feel that it goes back to real problem. The issue is why do people do this, rather than whom does it benefit. If we can make it unprofitable for people to do something like this, then there is no reason for someone to do it
This is new to me, I don't know much about the Salem history...I had never thought about blind hatred in this way. I will keep it in mind. My hope would be that society would take these historical moments, learn from them, and not make the same mistakes again :/
There's always motive; and more often than not that motive is despicable in some way, at least from our perspectives. Interesting piece as always @orenshani7 :)
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