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Families Of Ferguson Police Department Driven From Homes
The families of the Ferguson police department in Missouri have received assault and death threats after the shooting of Michael Brown. Brown was killed by an officer and many believe their was excessive force involved. This has sparked public outrage over the use of deadly force and the targeting of minorities. As tensions have risen in Ferguson as the grand jury nears a verdict, many of the families of police officers have left their homes in Ferguson deeming it not safe. One police officer's wife says many families have already left town after receiving anonymous threats on their phones. The victim’s father, Michael Brown Sr., has released a public service announcement appealing for calm and non-violence among those who might protest, saying that ‘hurting others is not the answer.’ Although I personally believe that the use of deadly force by the officer was extreme and unnecessary, I do not believe that fighting the violent acts with more violence will solve anything. I hope that people will start to realize that nonviolent protesting will always be a better answer.
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I couldn't agree more with your thoughtful conclusion. Well said. Thank you.
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