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Rights Group Releases Software That Detects Government Spyware
The human rights organization Amnesty International released a free software they developed that allows users to determine if their computers are bugged by government intelligence agencies. The program is named Detekt and it is designed specifically for human rights journalists and activists whose computers are regularly targeted. “Governments are increasingly using dangerous and sophisticated technology that allows them to read activists and journalists’ private emails and remotely turn on their computer’s camera or microphone to secretly record their activities,” said Marek Marczynski of Amnesty International. “They use the technology in a cowardly attempt to prevent abuses from being exposed,” he added. The software, which is so-far only compatible with Windows operating systems, scans computer systems to determine whether they’ve been compromised. It doesn’t remove spyware, but alerts users to its presence. There have been other companies that have release software similar to Detekt and even internet browsers such as Mozilla Firefox that have teamed up with companies that focus on internet privacy in order to protect people against unlawful government intrusion. I think these are great steps forward in combating these intrusions, however, I do still believe they have their flaws and eventually government agencies will be able to gain access if they really want to.
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I'm so glad this exists. Sadly, this won't work with Windows 8, I'll have to wait :/ I agree with you, I think that government agencies will still find a way...
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