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Have you ever wanted to be that cool friend that has the hilarious party trick they can summon up whenever they need to impress someone? Here's your chance! Who doesn't love someone who can speak fluet Minion?! Or rather, Minionese :) The reason why you can understand the weird little yellow men in Despicable Me is because their language is actually made up of a ton of different real languages! Gelato! – Italian ice cream. Kanpai – Japanese, meaning Cheers! Hana, dul, set – Korean for one, two, three. Pwede na – Filipino language – it means Can we start? Para tú – Spanish for for you If something sounds like, or has the rhythm or tones of a phrase you’re familiar with, your brain is usually able to understand it! This is especially true when context is considered, and since you're watching a story unfold as you're listening to the minions, you are able to fill in the blanks of the words you don't know. This is, in fact, a language you can learn so I've attached a few guides for you including a video of a girl who is just as adorable as any cartoon character I've ever seen. She'll teach you phrases that are essential for survivial-Minionese. Some highlights: ~ Tatata bala too - I hate you ~ Poo pai - Goodbye ~ Tank yu - Thank you ~ Bana nonia - You're ugly Check out this explanation of the language here: For more history on these little guys you can check out the Despicable Me Wikipedia page:
Even though I can say the words my voice is nowhere near as adorable as theirs haha
Tank yu @kristenadams :) I always wondered why I could understand their gibberish hahahaha
Oh my god that little girl is adorable!! I was cracking up!
This is so adorable, I had no idea it was made up of different languages.