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So I'm on my way to Virginia Beach, Virginia and I look up Longboarding videos in Virginia and what do I find? I find some awesome people protesting to be allowed to longboard on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach! :D this was back in 2011 but this was awesome to see considering this is EXACTLY where I'm going today!
I heard about that event!! @MichaelNieves man that sounds fun but of course the cops have to ruin everything -.- and it would've been cool to go longboarding with the Knopp twins! lol @MicahKnopp
I've got a ticket twice, but it still doesn't stop me from longboarding
dude, I would have totally joined you if I wasn't busy till 3 and lived 3 hours from Virginia beach xD
In NYC, they have the Broadway Bomb which is like a push race through NYC. It's been banned these past few years, but they still have it. There's a bunch of police ready to arrest you for participating.
inspiring! :)
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