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Longboarders Protest in Virginia! :D
So I'm on my way to Virginia Beach, Virginia and I look up Longboarding videos in Virginia and what do I find? I find some awesome people protesting to be allowed to longboard on the boardwalk in Virginia Beach! :D this was back in 2011 but this was awesome to see considering this is EXACTLY where I'm going today!
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Washington support
3 years ago·Reply
I was there and live on the oceanfront. The police were going to let longboarders do a peaceful skate thru the streets. Not enough people showed up though. Just people saying on Facebook that they would. You are not allowed to skate east of Artic which is four streets from the beach. You get ticketed sometimes. In the off season it's a little bit more relaxed on riders.
3 years ago·Reply
I would've joined that movement if I were living there! and that is so ridiculous to be giving tickets for simply cruising on a board with 4 wheels -.- @VictorEnriquezJ
3 years ago·Reply
they're a lot of tourist here so the reasoning is they don't want people to lose control of their boards and hit someone
3 years ago·Reply
I've got a ticket twice, but it still doesn't stop me from longboarding
3 years ago·Reply