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I learned something new today!
So, Scott Lembach (aka "El Beasto") doesn't just skate! He also answers emails at Muirskate! This email was about the Muirskate "12 days 'til Christmas" giveaway thing. And I found out that you HAVE TO mail in (not email) the card for the Muirskate grand prize. But all other cards (the ones for board companies) you have to post on Instagram and have a few hashtags I can't remember. Check for more details.
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aight good luck spend a lot of time on it I'm gonna spend 3 weeks making mine
3 years ago·Reply
I love Scott, he replies back so fast and is really helpful. The customer service at Muirskate is top notch, hence why I shop there a lot haha
3 years ago·Reply
Oh yeah @Shulace best customer service I've ever had online
3 years ago·Reply
Scott is awesome, He even helps sponsor and coordinate events.
3 years ago·Reply
Seth responds to emails
3 years ago·Reply