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I admit, I'm a Google Drive Addict. I take notes with Google Docs, organize my life with Google Spreadsheet, create forms for events, and even create presentations. Google should pay me for being a walking advertisement. Here are some tips for all of you Google Drive users that can will make your life easier. 1. See what's eating up your space. You get 15GB for free with Google. To see what is eating up your space, go to the bottom left corner of your page and click "Manage". It takes you to a pic-chart where you can hover and see where your space is going. For instance, I noticed that my gmail inbox is taking up 6GB of space - time to clean that up. 2. Color-code your files. I love color coding. Color code your file folders by right clicking or clicking the small arrow pointing down. 3. Add numbers to file names. I do this on my pc as well. If you organize your files or file names using numbers it will ensure that your most important files will stay in order when browsing or searching through your files. 4. Star different items. Take advantage of this feature. I honestly have not thought about doing this, though I do use it for my emails. 5.Take advantage of Google Forms. Mashable suggests using Google Forms instead of a spreadsheet for grocery lists (I think I would prefer Keep). Would you use it this way? I'm not sure... Although these tips are straightforward and simple, I hope that they are helpful to you!