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Technology is everywhere - from our mobile phones, to our computers, and even our kitchen appliances. I'm not against technology, but I do wonder if this attachment to technology will affect the human race in negative ways. There are already so many sci-fi films with commentaries on this topic (e.g. The Matrix, Gattaca, Minority Report, to name a few). In this article, "Fawning Over Phones: Our Worrying Addiction?", it says that "90 percent of the world’s population over the age of 6 would have a mobile phone by 2020". The number is high, but not least not to me. It's mentioned that people need to balance their use of technology...but can we control it? Will there be a moment in our lives where we won't be able to escape technology? What responsibilities does the tech industry have over this? What makes technology "ethical" or "unethical"? When thinking of HCI (Human Computer Interaction), I remember one of the most important rules: there needs to be a balance and the user must have some control. I just feel that this line of control keeps getting blurred. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts in the comments below! Are there any devices that you feel have gone "too far"? Do you feel you are already too addicted to your phone or other devices?
@WordDoctor That's so true....all these devices definitely affect vision. I haven't had problems yet but I'm scared I will. Also, it's crazy how obsessed we are with "capturing" moments. I do the same as you sometimes and decide not to take out my phone or camera to take pictures.
I think definitely we already use technology way too much, myself included! I see people sitting together at restaurants not talking, just looking at their phones, parents at the playground, etc. I find that checking my phone has become a habit - it's hard not to do it even when I want to disengage and pay attention to what's going on around me. Also, there's the question of always having a way to take photos and video. I love having the ability to document, especially because I am a parent, but sometimes I have to consciously decide to stop recording or taking pictures and experience a moment or a performance outside of the frame of the lens. You miss so much that way! Last observation - actually so much time checking my phone and reading/watching shows on my iPad is starting to hurt my eyes. I had to go get some reading glasses for it. I wonder in the long term what this exposure will do to our eyesight...
I've tried to get into the habit of having some no phone/no laptop days, or at least leaving them behind when I go exploring, but sometimes it's more inconvenient to do that! Not because I'm addicted, but because our phones really provide us so many wonderful enhancements. It is, like you said, all about balance!