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My Set!
to those curious of what I'm riding, I finally have taken a couple pics for your viewing pleasure. #Longboarding #Caliber2Trucks #TheseWheels #LandYachtz #SwitchBlade38" #Downhill #Speed #DownhillFreestyle #Freestyle #Slides #Standies #BernGloves #BernHelmet #BonesBearings
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Yeah 80s. I wanted the 82s but I got em at a demo event so I'm not complaining. I have a set of Paris v2 for my tan tien and previously rode the same pair on my switchblade 40 last season but surely prefer my caliber 2s. they feel way more stable and my bushing combo wouldn't work as well with Paris trucks. I've taken this board 40 and above. It halls ass and I rarely get wobbles. slides are smooth and controlled. best setup I've made yet.
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Woo!! Tan Tein club! I ride my Tan Tein in Paris V2s and Orangatang Stimulus 86a
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Mine has this year's 84a zombie minis.
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c: she's my fav <3
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