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omg!!! I just saw the kiss of choi young and eun soo, here's the video link, and THEN ule c da kiss itz on dee last part, goh, i nearly practically fel off da chair... o_o LINK: p.s n i kpt rewinding to see if it wer 4 real, n i nearly died lawfn hysterically *_*
oh... @minozphil, I thnk maybe it has been updated as this was a year ago, so yeah...
love it !! is it just me ? the link doesn't work for me. i don't see the Faith video.
i love this chapter
omg!!! i miss this show :( oh the memories of CY and ES, i will always remember the time i gt up evry Tuesday morning and Mondays jus to c if the episodes wer on... forever, a FAITH, THE GREAT DOCTOR fan n i wil miss u guys, FOREVER... :( {sorry folks, these bring quite happy memories :D }
did, u guys go on the link??? *_* #starry eyed
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