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Monday!!! cant wait!
My prayers have been answered! finally a nice day in this shitstorm month of cold
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yea it was in the low 70s here in Ormond Beach.
3 years ago·Reply
y'all guys should migrate to pacific it's good weather all year long plus awesome beaches!@MicahKnopp @ThomasOwen @AndrewVollmar @Shulace
3 years ago·Reply
well, if everything goes right, they said its a high possibility that my first deployment will be in Hawaii, so I can't wait to shred there. if I could I would definitely migrate though xD @AlainCasimiro
3 years ago·Reply
if it was 75 here id literally cry out of pure happiness assfghjll
3 years ago·Reply
@MicahKnopp cool goodluck dude
3 years ago·Reply