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I can't stop eating this very hearty soup. I wish I can share this to the people in Buffalo, NY whos been suffering from that wicked snowstorm they had lately. This is semi home made because I used the Zatarin's gumbo mix. I simply browned Johansville sweet pork sausage then added the gumbo mix and stir fried it with cut up yellow onions then added 5 c of water and simmered it for 20 minutes. Shredded cooked chicken, black beans, frozen okra, thawed frozen cooked shrimps were added and had it simmered again for 10 minutes then finally added freshly ground black pepper and ground garlic. I promise you, it's so so so good!
I've never had homemade gumbo before - this looks delicious!! I love cooking with okra!
Okra!! I love throwing some frozen okra in a skillet and just heating it up with some curry powder. I've never tried making gumbo before, but if it has okra in it, I'm willing to try!
Same as @sophiamor never had gumbo. hell never even seen it. looks like a must, though. @carolinian87 look forward to more of your homecooked recipes! this looks like real hearty food, and love that!
This! Looks! Delicious! iT is too bad we can't get it to those freezing their butts off right now :( hopefully they can enjoy it some other time :)
I have yet to try some authentic gumbo. Your picture reminds me I need to get on it!
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