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Why are there over 5,000 members, and only about 150 who actually post?
Has anybody else noticed this?
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I've noticed that too! I think a lot of it has to do with the advertisement of the October give away on Facebook. that's how I came across here. I think the majority of the 5,000+ on here (besides the few 150 ish of us) are only here for the giveaways. Which sucks, because this community is amazing!
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It's great here everyone is supportive and nice I don't understand why more people don't post.
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@EmilySalzsieder it truly is an amazing community and I came here before the October giveaway and didn't really understand it and the app didn't work all that great but when I heard about the giveaway I gave it another chance and I ended up loving the community more than the giveaway and shtuff
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It is. There's so much advice and everyone's so chill!(:
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they just kinda like Longboarding...
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