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what types of wheels are good for learning how to slide, I can slide when its wet out but not when its dry. sigh need to learn
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are they cheap?
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I got them for 50$
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If you're looking for cheap slide wheels, I would reccomend: Abec 11 Flashback $36~ Remember Hoots $30~ These ATF 317 $43~ Cult Classics $46~ Hawgs Mini Zombie $44~
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Sliding in the rain and sliding on dry asphalt is a different feeling. When you're sliding on wet asphalt, you expect a super easy release without needing much effort and a nice smooth slide. When you're doing it on dry asphalt, you need to have good weight distribution and need more of a kick. Some freeride wheels grip up a bit mid slide. Usually after a while, you get a good feel for it and get used to it. I personally feel that it's better to learn how to slide on dry asphalt because you may begin to have false assumptions of how to slide from learning on wet asphalt. Although it's a bit harder, it's better to learn. Others may have a different opinion on it, but that's how I would go about learning to slide.
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