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If you want an untraditional, but delicious, dessert for the trail, try this Pumpkin and Gingersnap Pudding! ----------------------------------- Ingredients: - 2/3 cup dry milk - ¼ cup brown sugar, packed - 3 Tbsp cornstarch or favorite thickener, arrowroot works as well - 2 Tbsp dried and powdered pumpkin purée (see below) - ½ tsp ground cinnamon - Big pinch ground nutmeg - Big pinch ground ginger - Big pinch salt Also take: - 1 Tbsp unsalted butter - 1 bag crisp gingersnap cookies (any size, more is better..say 7-9 ounces) At home: 1) Pack the pudding ingredients in a sandwich bag. 2) Tuck the butter in a small bag. One Pot Method: 1) Add the mix and 2 cups cold water to a cooking pot. Using a small whisk, stir while bringing to boil, over a lower flame. 2) When the pudding comes to a boil and is thick, take off the stove and whisk in the butter. 3) Serve warm or let cool, a cold stream or snow bank works well for chilling. 4) Divide between mugs or bowls – or in a pinch served in pint freezer bags. 5) Crumble up some of the gingersnaps, dust on top, serve with the rest to dip in the pudding. Serves 2 to 4, depending on appetite. Notes: - Dried pumpkin? Very easy! Spread a can of organic pumpkin purée on a parchment paper lined baking sheet, dehydrate in your oven at lowest temp till bone dry, then powder. Store tightly sealed. Or see how to do it in a dehydrator on this card!