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Things don't always work out as planned. We are only humans and we do make mistakesof course. Everyone has their own way of dealing with the issues in their lives. We all need to escape sometimes. For me, my only escape is a good long ride, no matter the time of day or time of year. It gives me the chance to relapse on my actions, what did i do wrong, how can i fix this? all in all, my love for skating is what gets me through the day
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@EugeneAlcantar haha yeah man, it actually really helped me out tn. Got my head clear, alwojng me to settle some issues with a happy resolution :D
3 years ago·Reply
@BenKaplan that's good man
3 years ago·Reply
I know how you feel @BenKaplan either skating or playing the bass clarinet is how I escape
3 years ago·Reply
truth be spoken
3 years ago·Reply
I ether skate or tinker with my truck to clear my head. works every time.
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