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skating in new york be like....
beanie slide gloves knee/elbow pads thermal undershirt thermal sweater thermal underwear thermal leggings sweats high socks ...... AND ITS NOT EVEN "COLD" YET
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are you going skating or going on a special mission to Antarctica
3 years ago·Reply
It's not even that cold outside. I'm from Tennessee but I'm spending this week up here in New York and this is warm compared to down south.
3 years ago·Reply
it was like 20 last night @RichardSchafer. i also didn't wear a jacket. only reason i wore tgermals
3 years ago·Reply
@BenKaplan I had a hoodie and a t-shirt and a hoodie but yeah it's just personal preference.
3 years ago·Reply
yeah everyone takes the cold diferently
3 years ago·Reply