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What Its Like to Have a Sleepover with Beyonce
Further proof that Beyonce is just like us - she makes embarrassing home videos! And by home I mean an awesome hotel somewhere in Vegas filled with dancers and Christmas decorations. This video is a complete 180 from her high-budget video album that she released without a word. This video is simple, funny, and cute, showing the less-serious side of Beyonce. She dances around and has fun with her dancers while singing about slurpees and taking her wedding ring off (I am sure there is a deeper meaning to this song, but for now I'm just enjoying it at face-value) Cheers to her for sporting awesome underwear and for never taking herself too seriously. The Platinum Edition of Beyoncé arrives November 24th. Along with the original album, the box set will also feature "7/11" and the breakup ballad "Ring Off," four new remixes – highlighted by the Nicki Minaj "Flawless" remix and a "Drunk in Love" sporting both Jay Z and Kanye West – as well as a DVD chronicling the Mrs. Carter World Tour, a mini-calendar and two photo books.
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This is so great, omg. I would fit right in!!! I seriously have video evidence that my friends and I used to basiclaly do this. Which I will not share.
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Haha! Same here @onesmile :)
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@galinda Glad to hear I'm not the only one!!!
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