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I've only been pulled over once in my life, and it was NOT as happy as this one! If we could pull over more people and reward them like this, I think more people might be thinking about driving well in hopes of getting a good reward like these guys. I have to say, though, if someone pulled me over to give me $100, I think I'd be more than confused. What do you think? Should we go with "positive reinforcement" to help get more people to drive more carefully? It's probably not feasible, but boy would it be fun!
I love that he was like 'he was shaking' and then cackled
@EightyNine Cool!! I wasn't sure where it was shot, but I love the idea, so I hope that it can be continued in other places. Though I know this can't work all the time, even a little bit helps!
That's amazing. I believe this is taking place in LA, a place where cops are absolutely despised so its really nice to see this!