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So you all know black friday is coming up! YES!! Great deals on everything including longboards! Here's 5 tips on how to get the best deals and get everything you need before its sold out! 1: Get up early, I know it sucks but hey you're getting cheap stuff right? 2: Plan ahead, get your money together and figure out what you want, No dilly dallying here. 3: Be smart, Don't waste money on something random like stickers. Go for the big ticket items and get the most bang for your buck. 4: Support local first, Your local shop is more than likely to give you an awesome deal and an extra discount if you go in and support them during black friday. 5: Share the stoke, Buy a homie something for christmas! I'm buying my best homie a set of precision trucks because I can. Love and kindness makes the world go round. Stay steezy guys, -Patrick
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Hey, this is awesome dude
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this is true
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really really interesting I will give a shit but sadly I'm going on Thursday at 7pm and stay there to midnight fight!
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