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If you ever lost your car in a parking lot there's an odd trick you can try to find your car. Simply hold your unlocking device up to your head and click it as usual. Viola! You can hear or see your car lighting up. This was a weird strategy found on YouTube and Professor Roger Bowley of University of Nottingham, conducted an experiment to test the validity of this method. In the video above he explains how the trick works. Basically, holding the device up to your head means that it's electromagnetic waves of a certain frequency passes through a large number of water molecule in your brain. As the waves pass they pull the positive and negative charges in the water that generate radiating energy. That's amazing right? If you still have doubts, refer to the video for more explanation and see the experiment.
@McDoogle Yes, I was skeptical at first, but I actually tried it myself and it did work. Though, I didn't manage to try the experiment with the gallon of water. And I agree, I definitely like his sense of humor.
@iluvdurian31 - wow. This is insane. This guy is funny, too! I'll have to try this. I've been known to forget where I parked more than once!
@onesmile Thanks for letting me know. Just fixed the link. Apparently, the video won't play with a short URL.
@iluvdurian31 So weird, the video isn't showing up for me! Anyways, the experiment seems really interesting. I'll have to test it myself!