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Oleg Artemyey, a Russian cosmonaut, urges the US and Russia to remain cooperative for the future of the Internaitonal Space Station. Artemyev believes that lack of consent between politicians is what prevents humanity from moving forward and starting deep space exploration. “Both Russia and the US have technical capabilities [to move into deep space], but there’s no understanding that we need this. Of course, it’s easier to start a war and pump a lot of money into it than invest into the space industry,” he said. The cosmonaut has called the International Space Station (ISS) “a diamond of international cooperation” where the current tensions between Moscow and Washington aren’t felt at all. “Space unites us all,” he explained, stressing the need for “more space projects that would make the people understand that there’s no need for confrontation.”
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I have to agree!! It takes year and years to really get into deep space, and if both of our countries would give the war bit a rest, even just a little bit, we could expand that frontier even more. Let's stop fighting over land here and head into space (not saying we should fight over land there, though...)
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