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how often do you clean your wheels and barrings?
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@Eldelay Zealous all the way baby. On the other hand, my Beastos and Bones reds need some cleaning done every few weeks and so, but they started rusting:/
@Shulace yeah my bones bearings are rusted. I need to get zealous all I hear is good things. And than there was another brand that I heard was the best but idr what it was and I don't see many people that use it
I will look in to Zealous. thank you all.
I've heard bogus bearings are great but idk anyone that can verify that
I ride Sector 9 Black Balls for bearings, pretty much only clean them before a trip outta town and thats just to make sure Im peak. Once in a while during these sad winter months (maybe two three times during snowfall) I'll clean everything and make it all look as new as I can but thats out of sadness that I cant ride xD Basically clean your bearings if you feel hiccups, wipe stuff down if it gets wet, muddy, or whatever. You'll be fine.