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A U.S. District Judge blocked New Jersey casinos and racetracks from offering sports betting. New Jersey will file an appeal within days. New Jersey has been fighting the NCAA, NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB for 2 years now. The state believes sports betting can help revive its struggling casino and horse racing industries. The sports leagues have argued that it will damage fans' perception of the integrity of their games, although NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently said expanded legalized sports betting in the United States is inevitable. They should make sports betting legal. We live in America, the land of the free and I was to be able to bet on a game legally from a proper entity without having to go all the way to Vegas. Of course there should be a limit to everyone's gambling but how awesome would it be to go to the game room to watch the games with your buddys?
Sports betting should be legal. It's legal in loads of other countries. It should be regulated but legal. If I work for $5 that I want to spend on a bet then it's my right and my right alone to do so.
@Goyo I agree I think sports betting will lessen illegal activities through gambling.
@Windycitytale Isn't that the argument they used for banning other substances? As I know other countries in the EU already allow sports betting, and I have not heard of refs dead in the alleyways or the river there...
@lackies2000 Of course they are. But as the money increases so do the stakes and the next thing we know we'll find refs dead in the alleyways or the river....
@windycitytale u dont think mafias and gangs r already making money of sports betting?
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