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Is there any way to stop this guy? And it's only his 3rd year! Anthony Davis had a career-high 43 points and 14 rebounds as the New Orleans Pelicans beat the Utah Jazz 106-94 on Saturday night. He can shoot, drive, post up, run the court, block shots. Damn. Once he is able to hit the 3 too what can you do to this guy? He's probably the new best player in the NBA now or right below Lebron and Durant.
he aint as good as Lebron was at making others good, but as far as fearing a dominant player. Lebron was never this complete at that age! the brow is just on a whole new level!
Jrue Holiday gets the easiest assists in the NBA. Either dish it to Davis or Anderson for 3 and its a free dish.
Damn thats like the numbers I would get with him in 2k... the guys not real
@DanteL seems to me like any time a player is putting 2k numbers in real life, he doing sumthin right
@lackies2000 and this guy has put up multiple of those nights... hot damn...