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1.) Good morning guys, it took us about 8 hours to drive from Florida to Georgia on our on going trip to Virginia :/ so we spent the night there and now we have another 7 hour trip STRAIGHT to Virginia Beach, Virginia. So back on the road! lol #VirginiaOrBust 2.) And next we have a pic of a cat on a motorized fan longboard thingy xD
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word?? for how long?
3 years ago·Reply
Thank you! c: but I am staying in Grayson again next Saturday! @pangzoo10
3 years ago·Reply
to Sunday morning! :D @pangzoo10
3 years ago·Reply
well let me know when u get back and maybe we could squeeze a meet up on our cool to meet some boarders! @filirican
3 years ago·Reply
I Definitely will! C: *fingers crossed* @pangzoo10
3 years ago·Reply