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I was so madd the other day i went to zumiez cuz around me thats the closest to a local skate shop i can get to :( i know...but the girl working there had no idea what i was asking for and all i asked was for bearings cleaners kit and lubricate...wooooowwwww...super hard..haha! but whats the worst experience u ever had at a skate shop?
Worst experience was setting foot in Zumiez and seeing all the hipster shit.
went to zumiez and asked for sliding gloves.they have me Fucking goalie gloves for soccer.
I get looked at by every one with the look of " why is there a fat man in here." I hate it so much.
i have to agree zumiez is the worst and most of there employees give them a bad name..not knowing shit about the products in the store! worst time ever i went in really high and bought a blank but didn't feel like gripping it and setting it all up myself (bc i was stoned) once they were done the trucks were put on backwards and the grip was all crooked and cut wrong also the bearings weren't even pressed into the wheels right!!! mind you i will never shop at zumiez again!
@JoshSmith i woulda done the same thing hahahaha!
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