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What If I Don't Know How To Slide? A good rule of thumb is "do not skate faster than you can stop". Stopping is important. If you are going faster than you can skate, you are skating outside of your limit. You are a danger yourself and to those skating downhill with you. If so, you should probably learn to Coleman slide. Lessons Learned. 1. Know your limits. 2. Wear proper gear. 3. Progress in a controlled environment. 4. Respect the roads and respect the residents. Always be courteous and friendly. We are not entitled to anything, At best, we are uninvited guests. It is YOUR job to ensure that we have hills to skate for years to come. 5. Don't blow out spots. By: Cann0n
Mind if I add a #6? It kinda ties into #4. STAY IN YOUR LANE!!! You can die by crossing into the other lane on a hairpin. You won't see the car and then BAM instant coma. Stay in your lane.
@steezus that's a good thing to add. I've seen jackasses that live around me just cross and almost get hit
this is awesome! thank you for this post! :) @mpoblete
I agree with everything that's stated
Can't even say how important number 4 and 5 are. It sucks getting to ur favorite spot to find out someone else ruined it for everyone!
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