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Winters are just as tough on pets as they are on people. Especially small pets with short hair. I have two cats that have very long hair and are strictly indoors. They are just fine in the winter. However, my two dogs are small, and my chihuahua has short hair. Since they go almost everywhere with me, I have to make sure I keep them warm! Here are some tips to follow: 1. If you need a jacket, your small dog probably does too. This includes instances when it maybe isn't that cold, but is raining. Read your dog; some love the rain, some don't. One of mine hates the rain, so I make sure I put a jacket on him so he doesn't get too wet. 2. Consider putting on a light sweater or even t-shirt on your small dog indoors if it's especially cold. I find my chihuahua, Bronco, shivers often. I have ample bedding and blankets available for him, but he loves to be put in a warm sweater on particularly cold days. 3. Keep it fun with unique clothing that you'll enjoy too! I just love the pajamas on my scrappy affenpinscher mix, Arthur! 4. If you keep your dog used to clothing, and treat him or her each time you put the clothes on, the experience will be enjoyable for both of you! 5. If your pet seems to get antsy or appears uncomfortable, don't force the clothing. Some animals like to be nude! Ha! Only use clothing if your animal seems to enjoy it. 6. Don't forget to use an extra-moisturizing shampoo on your dogs for baths during winter. It gets very dry, even in classically humid climates! 7. Enjoy! Picture 1 - This is a good rain/cold weather jacket, especially if your dog will keep the hood on. But even if the hood falls off, the extra fabric bunched up there will keep the neck warmer. Picture 2 - Here Bronco is wearing an nice orange sweater. I try to keep in mind the coloring of my pets and dress them in complimentary colored clothing. The high neck on this one keeps him extra warm, Picture 3 - Here's an example of an all-around cold weather jacket without a hood. This one had a detachable hood, which is perfect for having more options, or if your dog just really doesn't like hoods. Picture 4 - Here I've layered an orange turtle neck under a faux biker jacket. This is one of my favorite outfits on Bronco because it goes great with his coloring. Picture 5 - Here's Arthur in his pjs! How cute! He is still a little awkward in clothing, so I don't keep him in them for very long at all. I'm still getting him used to clothes. But he may wind up being a nude dog if he doesn't take to it. Ha! Picture 6 - Here Bronco is wearing a Darth Vader sweater hoodie. Perfect for lounging or fall day walks. Picture 7 - Bronco loves his superman hoodie. This is a t-shirt hoodie, perfect for chilly days that are not cold enough for a sweater or jacket. Picture 8 - This is Bronco's favorite shirt: His Sesame Street shirt. Its a great lounging around shirt. Picture 9 - Here's Arthur in a Christmas sweater. He's a bit of a long dog, so I look for long shirts and sweaters for him. You'll find that sometimes they're short (for petite dogs), so look out for that. Unless you want your dog in a crop top! LOL! Do you have some favorite clothes your dog loves to wear? Do you have some more ideas? I'd love to hear and see what trends you follow on this topic!
@McDoogle I'll have to post it sometime! She hates wearing Halloween costumes too. I tried to make her Snow White one year. As least now she's gotten used to wearing her hot dog bun costume! :)
@McDoogle thanks for the advice, I'll definitely check Etsy out! Right now I'm in Korea so it might be hard to deliver but I'll put up a pic soon of my Moongster
@danidee - let's see a pic of your pup!
Just woke up and had to see Bronco in the biker outfit. precious moment @mcdoogle
@TechAtHeart - I only just noticed that they seem to have more dander during the winter. A good oatmeal moisturizing shampoo -- and less frequent baths -- has helped this. (But my Arthur gets oh-so-stinky so sometimes I gotta get him in that bath sooner than I'd like!) @galinda -- You really can't! LOL
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