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so my family got invited to this fancy annual lunch somewhere in new jersey, plus we had to go to Pennsylvania to drop off something so on the way when we would stop for gas or just to stretch (it was a five hour car ride), my friend and i would hit the road where the street was steep enough for some pretty high speed drops and prayed we didnt get run over XD (kinda fucked up my elbow and bled through the band aid, no biggie tho lol) pretty sick day
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Haha nice bro. When I went to Pennsylvania I wished I had my board because the roads there looked so nice. But awesome days like those are the best
@eugenealcantar @mpoblete thanks guys yea it was insane and thank god i brought a helmet XD
Sounds sweet and like I tell everyone just throw some hydrogen peroxide on it.
Sounds like a good day of skating
naw anti freez and gasoline is where its at@DanielSpazJames